Katherine and Lito’s Proposal Story

Katherine and Lito

By Katherine L. Corpuz and Lito A. Soriaso
1 November 2010

It’s every girl’s dream to grow-up, fall in love and marry the man whom she will have and hold, through good and bad times.. grow old together while enjoying the life that has been created for both of you..

After 9 years of being together, we would often talk about our wedding plans and our life after it. It also comes to a point when I teased him from time to I would repeatedly tell him that if he’s going to propose, make sure that it would be captured. I would want to have a remembrance of that special moment when he will ask me to be his wife..

May 5, 2010 – our much awaited Bohol trip. Under flight no, 5J 617, we arrived together with our friends at Tagbilaran airport, packed with so much excitement like most of the tourists who are all eager to discover what the province of Bohol can offer.

May 6, 2010 – At around 8am, Kuya Tatsky, our super nice driver/tour guide, picked us up at Whites and Greens Resort where we stayed and we then started our Country Side Tour. We really had fun on our tour..sight seeing, sharing stories and jokes with friends.. taking lots of pictures..

Then came lunch time.. Excitement fills us again knowing that we will be having lunch with “all you can eat” foods” on a floating boat restaurant, seranaded by an amateur singer while cruising Loboc River. Along the cruise, we were thrilled when we saw the locals singing and dancing. What can I say? They are really amazing! So Lito, together with our friend, went down and joined these locals and tried dancing Tinikling. We were clapping our hands and after that, we went down to take pictures with them.

Then came the moment I’ve been waiting for..As we all taken our seats at the floating resto, Lito went up the stage and grab the mic. I thought he was there to greet me and my bestfriend (my sister at heart) since we were teasing the boys that they should do something for our birthday.

At first, I didn’t really pay much attention to him. But then, I heard him say my whole name then tells things about us.. He said that he never thought that we wil be together since we were opposites.

Then he approaches me, kneels down and says “Will You Marry Me?”, the four words that will take our lives to a whole new direction, together with my most prized possession, my engagement ring. I was shocked and surprised but my heart was filled with so much happiness.. It was the perfect proposal, from the man whom I wanna share my life with for the rest of mine.

So, with lots of tears in my eyes, accompanied with a silent prayer thanking Him for the man kneeling down in front of me who loves me deeply, for the amazing proposal and for all the blessings..I finally said “YES”..

Engaged Couple: Katherine L. Corpuz and Lito A. Sorias
Wedding Day: December 08, 2011
When and Where the proposal was held: May 6, 2010 at the Loboc River, Bohol