How to Choose the Perfect Location for Your Getting-Ready Photos

Prenup Shoot at Kasile Hills Nature Resort, Cabuyao Laguna
Prenup Shoot at Kasile Hills Nature Resort, Cabuyao Laguna

Getting-ready photos may not be as widely discussed as the actual wedding pictures, but they are actually very important. They capture the small, intimate moments that unfold before the main event, and they are usually packed with strong emotions that make them so special.

But did you know that apart from ensuring that both the bride and the groom have the perfect looks for the shots and that photographers are well-equipped for them, you also need to choose the right location for your getting-ready photos?

In case you are not sure how to make it happen, here are some practical tips:

Consider the lighting

When it comes to choosing a venue for any sort of pictorial, lighting is very crucial. This is why, before booking a location where your getting-ready shots will be taken, you need to check first if it has good lighting.

Photo from Weddings at Splendido

If you are having indoor shots taken in the morning, for instance, then you should consider a room or a suite with huge windows, as they can let a lot of natural light in.

Judge the location’s overall vibe

You don’t want to have your getting-ready photos taken in a place that looks like a set of a horror movie, do you?

Prenup at Alta Veranda de Tibig in Silang Cavite

So before you choose a location where these photos will be captured, make sure that it looks pleasing and gives off the right vibe.

Ask yourself: Is there enough space?

Getting-ready photos usually involve some kind of checklist, which means there are certain shot types that your photographer is supposed to take, like a shot of your wedding dress, the wedding invite, your rings, shoes, and other rings you are going to use.

You’ll also need to pose with the bridesmaids in the same way that your groom has to have photos with his groomsmen. Snaps with families and other parts of the wedding party are also recommended. In other words, there should be enough space for all these things.

Groupie Shot at Club Punta Fuego Batangas
Chillax Groupie Shot at Club Punta Fuego Batangas

Don’t forget about the logistical aspect of things

Considering the types of photos you need to have as you get ready for your big day, you also need to make sure that the location you are choosing is easily accessible not only for the photographers who will have to carry their equipment and other service providers you’ll work with on your big day but also other members of your wedding party.

Cool Prenup at Anya Resort Tagaytay
Cool Prenup at Anya Resort Tagaytay

Getting-ready photos are, indeed, exciting, so we hope you get to have nice ones. And if you haven’t found the right venue for them yet, consider any of our featured resorts and venues here where you can say “I do” and celebrate your union.