Celebrities are flocking to Studio Namu!


Looking for a prenuptial venue? Check out female celebrities like Jodi Sta. Maria and Solenn Heussaf who have had the chance to pose and have fun at Studio Namu!

Solenn Heussaf and Isabelle Daza

This hot and beautiful tandem has been going back and forth to Studio Namu for their show Taste Buddies. They sure love going to the Studio Namu set for its creatively designed and flexible backdrop for any topic that might come up.

Jodi Sta. Maria

Best known for her role as Maya in the hit show, Please Be Careful with My Heart, Jodi Sta. Maria showed off her classic Filipina beauty at Studio Namu’s elegant and casual backdrops. Sir Chief would surely be mesmerized by her lovely photos!

Ruffa Mae Quinto

This sexy comedienne showed off her hot stuff at Studio Namu. With balloons and other ready props, it was easy to pull off a casual but fun sexy shoot.

Valerie Concepcion

This beauty showed off her hosting abilities amidst Studio Namu’s various settings. With over 40 themes to choose from, any host would be excited to just go on and do their thing!

Giselle Sanchez and Keana Reeves

These two sexy comediennes flaunted their sexiness and humor in Studio Namu’s Café theme. Giselle Sanchez posed in flirty cosplay while Keana played with the café countertop and showed off her sensual side.

Want to feel like a celebrity for your prenup too? Check out Studio Namu‘s profile in Kasal.com to learn more about their rates and themed prenuptial rooms.