Maid of Honor Takes ‘Veil Toss’ to a Whole New Level

ashley hempel photograph
Maid of honor Sharilyn Wester didn't want an ordinary "veil toss" photo, so came up with a great idea on how to make it more fun. (Photo from Ashley Hempel Photography)

Being a made of honor can be a real source of pleasure, yet the role this title entails can be a bit boring to some.

This is why Sharilyn Wester decided to make things a bit more fun by taking the “veil toss” in her friend’s wedding pictorial to a whole new level, according to a report.

ashley hempel photography
Sharilyn and Rebecca have been friends for a long time and they both have the same kind of sense of humor. (Photo from Ashley Hempel Photography)

Fortunately, bride Rebecca Foster was also ready to have some fun. Having known Sharilyn for many years, she already expected that her friend would do something like this.

So here’s what happened: While taking the “veil toss” photos, Sharilyn held up the veil and did hilarious poses. Sure, the resulting images were incredible.

ashley hempel photography
The couple’s “veil toss” photos are indeed extraordinary, thanks to Sharilyn’s idea. (Photo from Ashley Hempel Photography)

On the other hand, both the photographer and the groom were surprised. Photographer Ashley Hempel even shared about this pictorial on Facebook and talked about how funny he found it.

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