LOOK: A Floral-Studded Wedding Celebration

sitio elena floral studded wedding
Lover of blooms? Why not fill your wedding celebration with lots of them! (Photo from Sitio Elena Events Venue)

Like true love, flowers also bloom at the right time. And when they do, they are powerful enough to take our worries away. With their beauty, our lives here on Earth can be way, way more wonderful.

This is why a floral-studded wedding celebration is a truly great idea. Apart from the fact that a flower is an ideal symbol of love, it’s also nice to celebrate one’s wedding with lots of blooms around!

Just look at this setup at Sitio Elena Events Venue:sitio elena floral studded wedding

Flowers everywhere! Even before entering the reception venue, guests were already greeted by this majestic arch embellished with beautiful flowers in soft hues.

sitio elena floral studded wedding

Upon entering the reception hall, guests were wowed by the styling, particularly flowers on the tables. Lighting in the said venue also went perfectly well with the theme.

sitio elena floral studded wedding

These flowers were matched with low to medium height crystal vases, simple but enough to highlight the beauty of the blooms. Crystal chandelier centerpieces were also used in some tables to enliven the whole setup.

sitio elena floral studded wedding

But in some tables, larger bunches of flowers were used instead of the crystal chandelier centerpieces. Placed in tall silver vases, these blooms were a mixture of roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums in pink and white.

sitio elena floral studded wedding

The cake was also a source of delight! It was a naked cake topped with bluish flowers.

sitio elena floral studded wedding

What do you think about this wedding setup? Do you want to have a similar theme for your own wedding celebration?

(Photos from Sitio Elena Events Venue)