A Simple Yet Elegant Wedding in White with a Hint of Violet

sitio elena simple elegant wedding
Fan of light colors with a hit of some dark hues? Take a look at this lovely wedding at Sitio Elena, which combines the calming color of white and light periwinkle with violet. (Photo from Sitio Elena Events Venue)

Not all soon-to-weds eye wedding celebrations with a wild combination vivid and bright colors. There are, in fact, still those who want things light and simple, sometimes with just a little twist. Such is the case of Franklin & Valerie who got married last October 7, 2017 at Sitio Elena Events Venue in Cainta, Rizal.

sitio elena simple elegant weddingsitio elena simple elegant wedding

Styled by Hizon’s Catering, their wedding reception was simple yet very elegant and full of character. Although dominated by white, it also used a bit of violet for added wow factor.

sitio elena simple elegant wedding sitio elena simple elegant wedding

Hydrangeas in white and lighter hues of periwinkle, as well as white orchids, were used to adorn the reception venue. And yes, they added more drama to the clever white and violet combo.

sitio elena simple elegant wedding

It is also worth taking that the event itself had a laid-back feel to it, despite all the classic-looking elements. The white vases were generally low, meaning guests could see easily talk to each other. The absence of towering centerpieces with intricate and sometimes intimidating details on them helped establish just the right level of formality and solemnity needed in a wedding but without forgetting about the fun side of things.

sitio elena simple elegant wedding sitio elena simple elegant wedding

Indeed, Franklin and Valerie’s wedding was able to prove that even soft colors could rock a wedding when used tastefully. Combining white with a hint of dark colors like violet might seem a bit risky. But, when done right, could make so much difference.

(Photos from Sitio Elena‘s Facebook page)