Hillcreek Gardens: Your Sanctuary in Tagaytay

Hillcreek Gardens: Your Sanctuary in Tagaytay

By Mina Deocareza | July 2016

Indeed, Tagaytay is a perfect place for weddings. Apart from its natural beauty, it also has a very cool climate that makes it even charming. However, there are simply times when some places here become crowded. This includes venues that also double as restaurants.

That’s why if you want a really quiet Tagaytay wedding, it is ideal to book an event like Hillcreek Gardens. It is a hidden paradise at the heart of Tagaytay and it is perfect couples who want to have a very private function.

What’s really amazing about this venue is that it has a couple of amazing attractions within its vicinity. This includes a Gazebo for Christian ceremonies, pocket gardens accentuated by outdoor sculptures, footbridges over fish ponds, and a quaint chapel.

Besides being perfect for very private functions, Hillcreek Gardens is also loved by many because it makes wedding planning even make easier. First of all, it has an in-house caterer called the Three Bridges Events Catering Services. It is known not only known for its great food but also for its impressive styling.

It also has a couple of accredited caterers. These partner caterers have already been trusted in the wedding industry, so you’ll never run out of good options when you choose to have your wedding here.

To learn more about Hillcreek Gardens, visit its Kasal.com profile now.