Imagine Nation Photography To Raffle Off 20 Prenups and John Mateos Ong Labor Package


Imagine Nation Photography will be raffling off 20 outdoor prenups by two of their freshly trained photographers and one John Mateos Ong wedding labor package.

Conditions are as follows:

For Prenups:
– Total time for shoot shall be 2 hours not including travel time.
– You don’t need to book us to claim your free prenup. However, if you do decide to use our pictures for guestbook or AVP, we do request proper credits.
– We love Out of town and concept shoots, but please pick us up from Oasis and return us.
– It would be great if photographers are fed after the shoot (total 3 pax: 2 photographers & 1 assistant)

For Wedding Labor Package: 
– Should the winner of the John Mateos Ong wedding labor package already have a photographer, JMO will be the back-up photographer. JMO will gladly take lead should they be sole supplier.
– Should John Mateos Ong be booked already on your wedding date, you can pick from the available photographers of imagine nation.
– Please provide for Food for 5 pax (3 photographers, driver & assistant) during preps and reception.

How to join:

1. Add yourself as a fan of Imagine Nation Photo and John Mateos Ong
2. Follow us on Imagine Nation Twitter
3. Subscribe to the blog feed in Jong’s Blog
4. After doing all these things, send a message with your name, date of wedding, venue & reception to [email protected] and you’re all set.