Origin of The Bouquet Toss


During the reception, a commotion breaks out in the dance floor. Catfight? No, the single ladies are just trying to catch the bridal bouquet.

Back then, brides have always worn a garter and carried a bunch of flowers on their wedding. After the ceremony, the men in the bridal party would attempt to grab the garter off the bride. It was also believed that the bride was exceptionally lucky on her wedding day so guests would reach out and tear at her dress for a souvenir piece of good luck.

To ward all of them off, the bride would remove her garter and throw it at the guests. In time, brides have also taken to tossing their bouquets to the guests as an offering of luck. There was also belief that the bride chooses to toss her bouquet to a friend in order to keep that friend safe and lucky. This good luck would lead to the marriage of that single lady who caught the bouquet.

Bouquet Toss Alternatives As time went by, the customary bouquet toss has also evolved. Here are some of the bouquet toss ideas we found in Philippine weddings:

Photography By Dino Lara Photography

The Money Bouquet Toss.

Instead of tossing her own bridal bouquet, the bride created this bouquet made of money. The single lady to catch this money bouquet will not only receive good luck, she will also be a richer gal.

Bridal Bouquet by Amazing Touch Floral Designs

A Rose for a Gift.

Brides can also prepare a bunch of roses (from her original bouquet or from another set of flowers) with attached gift cards or special messages. The lucky ladies who catch roses with gift cards can claim their special gifts from the bride and groom. One couple gave away an iPod on her wedding day!

Bridal Bouquet by Henry Pascual

Bouquet of Honor.

Instead of making the single ladies fight over the bridal bouquet, some brides chose to give the bouquet to people they honored – like their mothers or the longest married female in the wedding. This showed their admiration for married couples who chose to grow old together and keep the marriage alive.

Do you have your own Bridal Bouquet Toss ideas? Share it with us by commenting below! For more bridal bouquet inspiration, visit Kasal.com Wedding Photos – Bridal Bouquets.

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