Raynelle Gonzales & Raquel Bides The Proposal Story


We were officemates way back 2011 in IBM makati then officially became a couple last Sept 2011, everything seems to be fine till plans changed and I had to look for a better opportunity abroad it was April 2013 when i left and went here in Abu Dhabi,UAE. For 8 Months of skype and calls, we finally ended our Long Distance Relationship when Rayne decided to follow me here in UAE hoping he can also have a work here and thank God he did. It was Feb. 2014 when he got here in Ahu Dhabi and our first few months in UAE was a struggle but we fought by God’s grace last year, a day before my birthday he and my churchmates planned a proposal the way i wanted. It was a friday afternoon when my friend told us that we will go to our friend’s birthday in Sadiyat Beach, without me knowing it was all Raynelle’s plan. I always love the beach,tr sunset and the sea. I always love how it looks everytime we watch a movie i always say ( sana gnyan din saten lol ) and he planned the way i wanted. I am so blessed to have a man who’s heart is always to give what i want to the best of his ability. It was a double celebration last year as i turned 25 and say YES to him. We are praying for our tentative wedding on Sept 23 2018, as we about to celebrate our 7th Anniversary on that day. This is how he proposed and i will always cherish and will always be grateful.

Sender: Raquel Bides

Names of the engaged couple: Raynelle Gonzales & Raquel Bides
Target Wedding Date: Sept.23 2018
When & Where the Proposal was held: March 11 2016 at Saadiyat Beach Abu Dhabi,UAE