Chris & Tin-Tin’s Proposal Story

Chris and Tintin

By Christopher Tengco and Christine Bulos-Tengco | 22 November 2010

If Proposal Fails, Try and Try Again

The Groom Speaks:

“Planning the Proposal after she already said YES.”

I remember Tintin telling me that she will never allow anyone into her heart anymore if she cannot see that someone kneeling with her in front of the altar. She wanted to be sure that her heart wanted the person enough to say “I DO” to in front of God and friends. That was why she said during courtship stage, “Kapag sinagot kita, ibig sabihin ikaw na nga. Humanap ka na ng simbahan.” That was why when she said yes to me on Jan.22,2009, I brought her straight to Fernwood Gardens to book for our wedding right away.

As you all can see, there never really was a proposal…because right after she ended my being a suitor, we went that same day to the church and wedding venue and I paid everything.

But then again, I know how much ANY girl would want to know how it is like being proposed to. And I love Tintin so much that I wouldn’t want her to miss that feeling. However, since it’s all done and we have already booked for the wedding, I need to think of a way to STILL do the proposal.

I know that deep inside Tintin, she’s still hoping that any day from January 22 to July 5, (the date of our wedding), I would propose but I also know that although she’s hoping, I know that she’s not expecting anymore. And that gives me the advantage of surprise. I really wanted to give Tintin the best proposal that a man can give her woman, hence I started planning.

My first attempt was during our first monthsary. I cancelled it because I felt it wasn’t perfect yet. I wanted to do it at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast where the view was romantic and ambience may emphatically add on more emotions to what I was planning to do. I deferred it because the said Hotel was fully-booked then.

My second attempt came during my birthday. Learning from my old mistake, I booked at The Boutique weeks before. Instead of her surprising me on my special day, I wanted to reverse it and have her surprised instead. Since it was a two-night-reservation, I planned on doing it on the first night during the “Harana.” I was so excited then because she is the first and only girl that I shall be serenading.

I ended up deferring the proposal for the next day because I thought that a lot of men had given the ring while serenading. I told myself to just give the ring the following day since I cooked a surprise for her in the other room with the help of all the staff of The Boutique. The day of the birthday came and she was all happy with my surprise, but then, I thought, “Baka nakakatunog. Have to do it on a normal day when she’s not expecting anything.”

My third and last attempt came during our Thailand trip. Back in the Philippines, I already arranged for a Yacht Cruise but of course, she didn’t know that. When we arrived at Bangkok airport, the tour guide asked us if we wanted to go on a dinner cruise. I asked her if she wanted without her knowing that the dinner was already pre-arranged. Hehe. And yes, the tour guide was a good actress! She agreed saying “If you want to.” I replied “We don’t have any plans yet tonight, do we? So tara.” I was really excited when we were in the hotel. My knees were shaking and my hands were cold. I was anxious. I needed time to be fast because I wanted to fastforward the moment. When we arrived at the yacht, I was surprised to find out that it was a big yacht. I was expecting a private yacht. I wanted the moment to be special and yet, how can I make it that special when people are there with us, I thought. I specifically asked for a private yacht and paid for it in advance, only to find out that what they gave me was a Luxury Cruiser where a LOT of people can dine on.

Of course, I didn’t show her that I was disappointed. We went on the dinner which turned out romantic and fun to say the least. However, since we were both distracted by the smell of some people there, plus add the fact that I really wanted a private engagement, I again deferred the proposal.

I was banging my head trying to plan for a good proposal then. I wanted it to be witnessed this time by her family and friends. I wanted it grand. I wanted people to bear witness to the love and life that I was offering her. I wanted people to see how proud I was of my Tintin. Now, how can you do that kind of a proposal and still have her NOT SUSPECTING a single thing? That was when I thought, “Teka…If I’m going to do it after the bridal march, before I take her hand and guide her to the altar, then THAT is a Grand Proposal.” Suddenly it clicked. All who cares for us both will be there plus she won’t expect that I will propose to her anymore, which was what I really wanted. The more a girl doesn’t expect of a proposal, the more successful the surprise will be. And so there, the master plan for the Grand Proposal was laid.

The Bride Speaks

“If Proposal Fails, Try And Try Again (How it ended on the wedding day itself)”

Feb. 12, 2009 – After a week of searching, we went to Goldenhills, Trinoma branch to buy the wedding rings I fell in love with, at 1st glance. As we walked in, the staff said to the owner, “Sila yung naghahanap ng 2 Carat and above diamond engagement ring.” Shocked, I said, “Ay kuya mali! Nandito kami for the wedding rings we ordered!” Chris told me after our wedding that he hid behind my back and warned that staff through hand gestures right there and then. Close call!

Feb. 21, 2009 – Chris awarded scholarship certificates to 5 worthy teenagers in Tagaytay after treating them out for lunch. He planned to propose that night as we spend the night at Hotel Kimberly. On the way to the said hotel, we saw a new bed and breakfast, “The Boutique”. He stopped the car and he went down to check out the place. He so loved the ambience but unfortunately, the place was fully booked. He changed his mind about proposing that night and deferred it for a nice stay at The Boutique.

March 10, 2009 – I filed a two-day-vacation leave to celebrate Chris’s birthday. I got him a new laptop, since he didn’t seem to enjoy my 1st gift which was an iPod. He made reservations for 2 nights at The Boutique this time. I knew I was on leave but I can’t help answering queries from MDs and medical representatives, checking schedules for lectures etcetera. We were still on the road anyway. I saw the look in Chris’s eyes and I said to him, “Promise, after lunch, I’ll make it up to you!” We arrived at the destination, staff was so welcoming and yum, we had a feast-y lunch. We rested at “I Dream” room in the afternoon and came down for dinner at 6:30PM. We were ushered on a table facing Taal’s scenery, with scattered roses everywhere. I noticed that other tables don’t have flowers and Chris said “I asked the staff to arrange our table.” After ordering our food, I saw a string duo walking towards us. Since in Tagaytay, most restaurants offer this kind of service to diners, it didn’t bother me. As the duo strummed their guitars, Chris sang “IKAW”, serenading me while holding my hands. It turned out, the Boutique did NOT have that service and yes, Chris hired the string duo to play songs for us for the entire dinner.

March 11, 2009 – Chris’s Birthday! I know he made reservations for 2 nights but there was a ring from the receptionist telling us that they made a mistake and had an overbooking. I was a bit pissed off since I really had a relaxed and comfortable stay at the hotel and looking forward for another night. Chris asked me to have lunch at the restaurant while sorting things out. Then all of a sudden, as if a miracle happened, they told us we now have a room to stay. Chris gave me the key to “I Desire” room and wanted me to get inside 1st.

As I opened the door, the room was dimly lit, scattered rose petals and scented candles on the floor while the bed was filled with balloons (24 balloons, EACH with a letter that read C-H-R-I-S T-E-N-G-C-O L-O-V-E-S T-I-N B-U-L-O-S), red wine, grapes, huge chocolate bar, heart-shaped pillows (“I Love You” written on it), and a cake with a note that said, “Even on my special day, nobody can be more special than you.”

Why didn’t he propose last night or that afternoon? It was perfect for me. Today, he confessed that it was his initial plan to propose during the serenade. To him, it still wasn’t perfect as someone else might have done proposing that way. He really wanted me to feel so special when the time comes that he would propose. Not that he needs to propose because we were supposed to be married in 5 months-time and he already paid in full at Fernwood Gardens.

April 28, 2009 – I resigned from work and it was time to have a great vacation with Chris. Our plane has just landed in Bangkok, Thailand and we were really having fun, like children playing on the playground. He arranged a dinner on a yacht. Ours were the coziest table on the yacht. We were laughing as he told me that he planned to propose after dinner. If it weren’t for some foul-smelling individuals roaming around, polluting the air we were breathing, the night could have been real perfect. To Chris, it wasn’t a problem. It was I who suddenly asked him to get up from our seat and find a spot far from them. Talk about perfect timing! It was that night that Chris had a “bulb-light moment.” He said to himself, “Nobody ever proposed to a girl on her wedding day, after her much anticipated bridal walk, where the eyes of each and everyone inside the church are glued on her!” That was unique and that was brilliant. Chris wanted people who cares for me to bear witness to his proposal for in his heart, the presentation of the big ring and the big question to marry him pales in comparison to the BIG love that he wanted me to have– ergo, the Grand Proposal on MY WEDDING DAY before the altar.

The Couple’s Love Speaks:

“The Grand Proposal”

The Grand Proposal was not as grand as compared to the love that the Chris and Tintin has for each other. Their love is so grand that it took them to a devoted pledge: a yearly renewal of vows! Chris promised to marry Tintin yearly for 10 consecutive years in 10 different venues because before the proposal, there was a promise to let her continually feel the growing love even in passing years…because behind the proposal was a vow to bind their love with God’s love and blessings… because beyond the proposal, anyone can hear that their love doesn’t just speak…it SHOUTS for people to hear and get inspiration from. Yes true love still exists. We make it happen and we want you all to witness it.

Engaged Couple: Christopher Tengco and Christine Bulos-Tengco
Wedding Date: January 22, 2011 (our 3rd of 10 promised weddings)
When and Where the proposal was held: St. Francis Chapel, Fernwood Gardens, July 5, 2009 (on our 1st wedding)