Ann and Bry’s Proposal Story

Ann and Bry

By Anthony Brian Aguas and Arlene Joan Almario | 1 November 2010

I used to dream of a romantic proposal. One under the stars on a beach, or during dinner somewhere we’ve never been before, with lotsa flowers, or maybe the fancy type where “W-I-L-L-Y-O-U-M-A-R-R-Y-M-E?” would magically show up in the clouds trailing a plane. And in more dreamy, fantasy ones, where the guy proposes against a backdrop of grand fireworks lighting up the night sky. Every girl has a dream proposal. Mine is no different from most.

When Brian initially asked me the question, it wasn’t really a question. He said it as a-matter-of-factly. There was no formal proposal. We just started talking about settling down. We started planning it. We bought, and un-bought a house, we started saving not only for each of us, but for US and our future.And with what has been happening, I forgot my dream of a romantic proposal. Honestly, I was happy with what I have. I am just happy being with Bry.

But once again, he surprised me. It was a good, sunny day, iI just came back from my Laguna hometown for the “undas” long weekend. The plan is to just go to the Burgos Circle at the Fort for photo-shooting of both our cars. I was so tamad and tired that day, that I told him that I’m not interested to do so. But he insisted…. and yep he did alright. so on we went. He brought his own car. I brought mine.

As we arrived at about 2:00 pm, we went ahead with the original plan, taking shots of the cars etc. with our tripod. It was a holiday, and not too many people were there. Shortly, a BGC officer approached us, and asked us to park somewhere since incidentally we’re not allowed. I asked Bry that we go somewhere else… but this time he insisted on having OUR pictures taken by the picturesque, graphic structure at the middle of the circle. I initially said no, since the officer have just gave us a warning to move out, and because i thought its nakakahiya to pose in that area (i mean hindi naman kami mga turista e, hmp!). But somehow, Brian had convinced the officer that we’ll just be quick ( shaks! dyahe talaga. i wanted to go home right that instant! agh! ). And so para matapos na, we did a few couple shots.. and then a couple of shots again.

I was really feeling hot and tired and sweaty and inis that i asked Brian that we take a hike out that place. Nag-walk out na ko. But the unrelenting Brian that he is said “Wait!” (grabbing my arm). I had myself pulled back in his direction. Our faces met. He started to look me in the eyes to get my attention, his arms around me, I, totally unaware of what’s about to happen, continuously saying “tara na! ang init please!”, but he just wont budge. Hay nako.

Then, he whispered to me how God knows how much he loves me, and how much I mean to him (awwww, my heart melted). I hugged back, and told him that i feel the same.

And then it happened. From his pocket, he took out that red little box. “Oh my God!” was all I uttered. It finally hit me. He is finally proposing!!!! FOR REAL!… Then he asked me the magic words which right now still resounds in my ears, he said, “Would you do the honor to be my wife?”… I melted in his embrace, I literally froze. 1….2…..3…. It took time before I said “of course!! (rather than a yes)”. He then slipped the ring on my finger. We just continue to hug each other for a couple minutes more. We were glued to each other, right there in the middle of the circle, with several spectators to boot. But, I hugged him like no one else was around. It was a precious precious moment…

Back at both our cars, driving in a convoy, still at the Fort area, he texted me this. “I love you so much ann 🙂 u r my life! :-)”. It’s then when I shed a tear.

Words can’t describe perfectly how I felt at that moment. Perhaps, “I am the happiest woman in the world” would come a bit close.

Truth is, it wasn’t the proposal that I was dreaming of. It wasn’t under the stars, nor on the beach, nor during a romantic dinner, there were no flowers, nor a fireworks backdrop.. But it was better than I ever dreamed of. It was perfect.

So this is how it feels like. Bliss. . . 🙂

It has exactly been a year since.

Engaged couple: Anthony Brian Aguas and Arlene Joan Almario
Wedding Day: May 28, 2011
Date of Proposal: November 2, 2009 at The Tree @ Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City