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factors affecting wedding ring price collage karat world

Factors Affecting Wedding Ring Price

If you have been checking out wedding rings from different suppliers, you have probably noticed how varied their price ranges are. Some stores offer...
karat world diamond ring

Diamond Characteristics You Need to Know About

As they say, diamonds are forever. For many years, diamonds are considered as never-ending symbols of love. No wonder, it has become a common...
paris hilton engagement ring greenandco

Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring Is Worth $2 Million!

Last time, we reported about heiress, model, and former reality star Paris Hilton's engagement to actor Chris Zylka atop a mountain in Aspen, Colorado....
colored gemstones karat world

Colored Engagement Rings: What Each of Them Stands for

You have probably seen colored engagement rings in jewelry stores and on countless social media pages and wondered what each of them mean. Sure, they all look great...
v gem engagament ring

Are You Unconsciously Damaging Your Engagement Ring?

Your engagement ring is probably one of your most prized possessions right now. This makes a lot of sense because apart from being inherently...
v gem custom wedding rings

How to Take Care of Your Wedding Ring

Marriage involves a lot of responsibilities, ranging from small to big ones. Apart from continuously making things work with the person you are choosing...

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