Hizon’s Catering: Proven and Tested When It Comes to Food Service...

Food is a crucial aspect of any event, especially weddings. No matter how amazing your venue is or no matter how pretty you look, having a successful wedding is just impossible if your guests are starving or are simply not satisfied with the food. That’s because as Filipinos, we love to eat. We love to indulge in well-prepared dishes not only during special occasions but also on normal days.

Feel at Home at City Garden Grand Hotel

Wedding preparations can be tough, especially if you are planning for something grand. You need to coordinate with all the wedding suppliers and talk to everyone who’s playing a part on your big day. With all the errands you need to run, you might need to find a place where you can stay in the meantime.

The Wonders of Aerial Photos and Videos According to Val Porras...

In case you haven't heard of it yet, Exposure Photo and Video's Val Porras is making is cameras fly and he is loving it. By doing so, he is really taking his craft to a higher level—both literally and figuratively...

Making the Most of Your Prenup Shoot With Exposure Photo and...

Every couple about to tie the knot is wanting to have awesome prenup photos and videos. This is the reason why you should choose a team of photographers and videographers who have enough knowledge and skills in the field, just like Exposure Photo & Video...
house of zeal

House of Zeal: Bringing Out the Best in Brides

Every bride-to-be is excited to walk down the aisle and tie the know with her one true love. It’s perfectly understandable, of course, since wedding is regarded as one of the most important moments in each person’s life. But of course, this won’t be complete without an amazing bridal look.

BUMA Subic Hotel and Restaurant: The Ultimate Wedding Destination in Subic

Subic is definitely one of the most ideal venues for destination weddings in the Philippines. It is a champion when it comes to beauty....

What’s New at Studio Namu?

Studio Namu is proud to announce that it is expanding its studio. This is in the hope of providing better services and improving overall satisfaction among customers.
city garden grand hotel the grand affair blue themed table setup

Make Your Makati Wedding Special by Choosing City Garden Grand Hotel

Makati City has always been associated with business and commerce. In fact, it is famous for its skyscrapers. However, apart from being highly associated with the Central Business District, Makati also has more things to offer. Excellent hotels and wedding venues like City Garden Grand Hotel is one of them.

City Garden Grand Hotel: Taking City Weddings a Notch Higher

Many dream of tying the knot outside the city, mostly because they associate it with noise, work, and hectic schedule. What they do not know is that there are actually venues where city weddings are taken to a whole new level—something that deviates from what they already know of. And yes,City Garden Grand Hotel is one of them.

Ibarra’s Party Venues and Catering Specialist: Say Hello to Hassle-Free Weddings

It is never easy to plan and prepare for a wedding. There are lots of things you need to take into consideration, so you need to set your priorities and be clear about them each day. You also need to manage your time wisely. Remember, wasted time means wasted opportunity. No wonder, couples who are usually busy with their careers find it hard to prepare for their big day.

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