Chef Patrick’s Kitchen: The Caterer of Dream Weddings

The dishes served in a wedding is as equally important as the bouquet the bride will hold or the wedding photographer. Make sure that your guests enjoy delicious food that will accentuate the significance of the occasion. Choose a reliable caterer to whip up delicious dishes for your wedding.Chef's Patrick's Kitchen is becoming a tried-and-tested caterer that engaged couples, debutants, and event organizers choose for

Get Hassle-Free Bridal Beauty Services with Team Sir George Salon

Getting married but still clueless on how to turn your dream bridal look into reality? All you need to do is find the right team of hairstylists and makeup artists to help you. If you haven’t found any yet, you can always turn to Team Sir George Salon. Known for providing excellent beauty services for any day or occasion, this team of talented people can make sure that you are going to look great on your wedding day.

Breathtaking Weddings

Weddings and prenuptial shoots are carefully planned for. The wedding checklist includes a scenic location - not just for ambiance but also for beautiful wedding photos. If you already found the right location, make the most of it by hiring wedding photographers who can capture it. Smart Shot Studiostands out in photographing breathtaking landscape and panoramic photos for weddings and prenuptials.

Things to Consider When Deciding on Food

Your wedding is never complete without a banquet filled with mouth-watering treats. After all, we Filipinos love food. It is the star of almost every occasion we celebrate. It should also be kept in mind that more than these delectable dishes, what matters more is the moment when we share them with our family and friends.

On Choosing the Meals for Your Wedding: A Primer by Hizon’s...

Filipino weddings is more fun compared to other regions if we talk about food. Everyone (even your grandmother) is picky about food, and this quirk of ours intensifies whenever people are dressed up and celebrating. It can be said that you can have a bland wedding ceremony as long as the food you serve will blow their taste buds away.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Good Caterer like Hizon’s

You’re getting married soon. You already have your venue, your attire, your DJ and host. Hold on, you seem to be missing something that’s very important. You’re forgetting about food. Let me tell you something: that’s a no-no, most especially in the Philippines. After all, we are in a country where people love to have feasts even during special days. We love food a lot that is why in every special occasion, it is a must that you serve good food to everyone.

Things to Figure Out Before Booking a Caterer

Filipino weddings always end up as feasts. Apart from being a celebration of two people's union, it also becomes an epic gastronomic experience for everyone. No wonder, caterers are among the first wedding suppliers soon-to-weds book. Before thinking about other aspects of the wedding, they find the right caterer first. Hizon's Catering and Corporate Canteens are among the most preferred caterers in the country today. It has already been behind the success of countless events, including weddings and corporate events. As one of the biggest players in the industry, Hizon's Catering has already learned a lot. People behind the brand is eager to share some of these bits of information, especially to couples who will eventually need them soon.

City Garden Suites: Perfect for Manila Weddings

Getting married in the city, particularly in the City of Manila, has a lot of perks. Apart from practicality, getting married in the city that you are mostly familiar with is also one great idea. It’s like being closer to home. What’s even cooler is the fact that several venues are just within reach. Among the top choices is City Garden Suites that is situated at the heart of the country’s capital city.

A Korean Photography Studio for the Stars

Studio Namu used to be a hidden treasure at the heart of Quezon City. Today, it has become a renowned treasure that everyone is absolutely talking about. Appearing in TV shows, commercials, magazines and celebrity weddings, the Studio Namu fever has spread to Filipino brides, grooms, families and debutantes in Metro Manila and beyond.

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