Charles & Lara’s Proposal Story

Charles and Lara

By Charles Mascenon & Lara Barbacena
29 November 2010

Why a wedding proposal at Enchanted Kingdom?

Four years ago, when I was still connected with Marie-France Group of Companies as HR Specialist, I was part of the organizing committee of our company’s annual Corporate Summer Outing. And during that time, the employees voted for Enchanted Kingdom as our venue where coincidentally, Mr. Alexander Charles G. Mascenon was working as Corp. Sales Head.

Charles had been our point of contact for all the preparations prior to the summer outing. He would be in our office for meetings, etc. and our interaction was confined to a strict business relationship. It changed days after the event when he started to text, call and dinner invitations after work became frequent.

Fast forward today — 4 years later… we’re back to where it all started — at Enchanted Kingdom.

His secret plan to propose for marriage was perfectly executed. It was like a scene taken out from a romantic movie. The feeling was indescribable as he approached me with that small box that contains the engagement ring. I was in tears while everybody (mostly EK staff whom he commissioned to act na kunwaring asking with survey questions to distract me habang papalapit sya) clapped and cheered. Even the Wizard mascot danced merrily. Then he knelt, and I could not understand what he was saying coz of the cheering around… that’s why, one of the EK staff had to whisper to me, “Ma’am, will you marry him daw po.” To which I replied, “Oo naman!”

Best thing ever. =)

This was taken minutes before the proposal… we were relaxing and I noticed one of EK’s official photographer snapping pics of us… I whispered to Charles, “Tignan mo yun, kuha ng kuha ng pic… wag natin i-claim ha.. ” Not knowing that it was already part of Charles’ plan… hmmmm 🙂

Some of the accomplices waiting for their queue. 🙂

The wizard and his princess were also part of the plan…

Part of Charles’ plan: He left for a moment, “Punta muna ako sa sales office, me pa-follow up lang ako.” Then after wards,several EK Staff approached me with their kunwa-kunwariang EK Survey Questions. I was so kind enough (hahaha) to participate altho, for a moment, I was quite puzzled.. they were only conducting a simple survey question but how come, andami nila…and there were photographers taking pics, a spotlight on us, and a love song being played… see my “lost ako” facial expression?? 🙂

and here he comes… yayyyy!

The Bride SpeaksAt that moment, I didn”t know how to react… “Shucccks… anong gagawin ko? Hmmmm, I’ll cry na lang kaya… ” hahaha! But seriously, at that moment… if happiness was an ocean, I already drowned… 🙂

OMG! I did not realize na medyo madami na pala ang tao around… not until I saw the pics… (from 4 official EK photographers)

I’m just so happy, I got to experience this uber wonderful moment… 🙂

Engaged Couple: Charles Mascenon & Lara Barbacena
Wedding Date: 2nd Quarter of 2011
When and Where the proposal was held: April 19, 2010, Enchanted Kingdom