Christian Wedding Ceremony


By Mina Deocareza | February 2015

Most of us have an idea about Christian Weddings. But, do we really know what happens in one exactly? To make more sense of the big picture, here are the parts of a Christian Wedding Ceremony:

1. Prelude – Prelude music plays to set the mood while guests are seated.
2. Procession – Traditionally, Christian weddings do not include principal sponsors during the procession. However, these days, things have become similar with Catholic weddings. Principal sponsors also march with the bridal entourage.
3. Giving of the Bride – Bride’s parents meet her on the aisle. At the end of it, they meet the groom and his parents. The bride is entrusted to them and the groom answers with a “yes” or a nod.
4. Opening Prayer
5. Message – The elements of a good marriage is discussed.
6. Charge to the Couple – The couple is told about the importance of accepting ups and downs during the married life.
7. Charge to the Parents – During this ritual, the role of parents’ guidance in the married life of the couple is emphasized.
8. Charge to the Sponsors – It is suggested that the sponsors keep a welcoming arm for the couple in times of needs.
9. Charge to the Congregation – Everyone is encouraged to share a little prayer for the marriage of the couple.
10. The Pledge – The couple exchanges pledges and acknowledges the responsibilities of a married couple.
11. Giving of the Vows – There is an exchange of marital vows. This unites two hearts.
12. Giving of the Rings – Through the power of the pastor, the two individuals are united by. They are joined by the pastor’s words, in the same way that they are joined by the Word of Jesus Christ.
13. Candles – The candles symbolize the bride and groom’s separate lives soon merging into one as they are lit. This also means that from now on, their thoughts should no longer be as individuals but as a couple.
14. Bible – The Bible symbolizes the couple’s submission to God. The couple promises to follow God’s Word to live a good married life.
15. Coins – The coins symbolizes the couple’s union, in terms of material things. Each of them promise to do his/her part in relation to finances.
16. Veil and Cord – The couple is placed under the veil and within the cord. This symbolizes the bride’s submission to her man.
17. Pronouncement – The couple is pronounced to be husband and wife.
18. Declaration – The newly-wed couple is presented to everyone.