Couple Gets Married On A Sandbar In The Middle Of The Caribbean Sea

susana and jovany
Susana "The Mermaid Bride" and Jovany got married on a sandbar in the middle of the Caribbean Sea (Photo from Del Sol Photography)

What would you do if somebody tells you that your dream wedding is too wild or too impossible to achieve? Will you fight for your crazy idea or simply give up on it?

Susana and Jovany, whose wedding photos have gone viral recently, had a very similar experience. They wanted to get married in the middle of the ocean but were told by a wedding coordinator that it would be too complicated. At first, they thought that perhaps, they should just get married on a beach like what others usually do.

Great thing, they met Sol Tamargo of Del Sol Photography. A true lover of water and adventures, Sol was fascinated upon learning about the couple’s dream wedding. Instead of stopping them, she actually encouraged the couple to go for it. She was even thrilled to photograph their big day.

“I love the water, any chance I have I tell the people to jump in the water for photographs! The idea of having a whole wedding ceremony in the water was incredible! I could imagine the amazing visuals. Susana’s vision was a dream come true for her, Jovany and ME!!!! When do you get to photograph a wedding in the ocean, with a surf board and an altar?” Sol said in an article published on their website.

Now here are more photos from Susana and Jovany’s wedding:

The Impossible Wedding; Must see – link in Bio “We had a wedding planner who told us: “you can’t get married in the ocean, it’s much too complicated.” So we thought, ok, we’ll get married on the beach like everyone else. Then we met Sol. She told us “you HAVE to do it! You have to get married in the water, it will be AMAZING! This entire vision all came about because of Sol… she’s the one who turned the dream into a reality!” – Susana the #Mermaid bride. Photo by @matt.adcock . . . . #theknot #stylemepretty #everydayIBT #offbeatbride #yourockphotographers #huffpostweddings #everydayIBT #yourockphotographers #weddingstyle #weddinginspo #luxurywedding #dreamwedding #beachwedding #realbride #Drone #Dji #Drones #Aerial #Cozumel #ElCielo #RivieraMaya #RivieraMayaWedding #mermaidbride #travelforlove

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TEAM work .. the only way to shoot such an amazing and technically challenging event. I was on the boat with the mermaid bride , solo .. and I knew I need to cover her “floating” to the ceremony , get the scene of the wedding ceremony waiting for her .. And I needed to swim my fins off to be faster than the surf board to get the frontal angle of “Here comes the mermaid bride” I had a dry camera and two housings ready … so. This is what I did . I shoot the frame of her getting on the surf board , then I made a call: Capitan !!!!! Come help me!!! Handed my dry camera to him : “Just press this button aim that way ” (fingers crossed is In focus , i moved the settings from Manual to Auto mode ) and then jumped into the water with the two housings and swam as my life depended on it to get in place in time for the next important frame. So . GRACIAS Capitan !! He got this incredible shot to establish a “sense of place ” here comes the bride . Sol 🔆😁💙#TeamWork #impossiblewedding #offbeatbride #yourockphotographers #huffpostweddings ##weddingphotoideas #destinationbride #weddinginspiration #instawedding #weddinginspo #weddingphotographer #travelforlove #underwaterportrait #underwaterbride #trashthedress #reallifemermaid #mermaid #mermaidbride #canonmexicana #wonderful_places #travel #exploretocreate #underwaterphotography #Cozumel

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There’s the dream, the dreamer and those invited to be part of it. One of the most outstanding elements of this “Impossible Wedding” was the excitement of everybody involved , no matter the complications . More than 70 people, riding boats for 1 hour to get to the special spot; getting into the water in formal gowns , then waiting probably another hour on the moving boats to get organized in the water for the ceremony to start . Then of course being in the water for maybe another hour during ceremony , and after it, celebrating Life, Love , Travel , Adventure and the Mermaid Bride and Mermen Groom wed in the infinite Turquoise Blue Cozumel Waters . Wow . 🙏🏽💙 #FamilyLove #offbeatbride #impossiblewedding #Cozumel #destinationbride #weddinginspiration #instawedding #weddinginspo #weddingphotographer #travelforlove #underwaterportrait #underwaterbride #trashthedress #reallifemermaid #mermaid #mermaidbride #canonmexicana #wonderful_places #travel #exploretocreate #underwaterphotography #huffpostweddings

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Susana and Jovany’s wedding is just a proof that there is no such thing as “too crazy” when it comes to wedding ideas. What matters is that you, as soon-to-weds, are actually prepared to go what it takes to turn your dream wedding into reality.

It’s also a great reminder of how important it is to find wedding suppliers who can also see your vision, ready to help you make things happen.