Kevin + Paula: Not Your Typical Marriage Proposal Video

kevin and paula proposal

When we think of proposal videos, the first thing that gets into our heads is usually the actual scene the man gets down on one knee and asks the woman to marry him. And that’s because that is usually where these clips begin. Most of the time, not much is known about the planning that goes into the proposal or the events leading up to that magical moment.

Kevin and Paula’s proposal video is different, however. In fact, the clip starts with the question: “Paano yung preparation?” (How was the preparation?) This alone suggests that this clip is something else.

What comes next is an interview with Kevin who explains his thought process in planning the proposal. It is then followed by a montage showing various people getting busy at the venue, plus another on-cam interview with Kevin, who now discusses the plan.

kevin and paula proposal kevin and paula proposal

Interestingly, the video also shows what Kevin himself and his and Paula’s friends did to make sure the proposal would go smoothly. As one of their pals reveals on cam, they had to make Paula believe the setup at the location was for another couple’s engagement. 

They were able to do it, thankfully. In the video, one can see Paula holding up her phone and trying to document what she thinks will be the momentous engagement between her friends.

kevin and paula proposal

But she gets the shock of her life when the truth is finally revealed. Kevin then shows up on stage and Paula gets called to join him. And the rest is history.

What’s so great about this video, apart from its kilig factor and the clever buildup of anticipation prior to the actual proposal, is it sheds light on how rigorous planning a proposal can be, which makes a lot of sense since Kevin is actually the owner of De Florence Catering Services, one of the leading wedding caterers in Pampanga.

In other words, the video’s flow makes everything even more romantic because viewers can have a glimpse of how hands-on Kevin was throughout the planning process and how he used his expertise in the wedding industry to pull off the best proposal possible for the love of his life.

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kevin and paula proposal kevin and paula proposal

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