Picture Perfect


Stories of how your wedding was the best and tales of how mishaps were solved are never the same without something visual to go along with the conversation. A picture is the staple for preserving such memories. And now with the advent of videos, reminiscing is even made more enjoyable to look back to. Look into the philosophies of experienced photographers and a videographer to know that making your memories worthwhile is just more than just pointing, clicking and shooting.

Focusing more

Ebony Ivory Photography and Video’s Mrs. Lourdes Unite is the other half of a husband and wife team. Both are photographers who started in the business way back 1989, they took up formal classes in photography and cinematography. They annually attend the Wedding and Portrait Photographers in California, USA, of which they are members, to update themselves of the latest trend, equipment and concepts in the field.

She says of the qualities to look for in a photographer are primarily, “the studio or photographer must produce good pictures, must be willing to have his/her works reviewed and must be willing to know the client and vice-versa.” As to having the most ideal picture, it would mean that it “must create an impact on the viewer, have the elements of good lighting, composition or arrangement, posing and the artistic part.” When asked why they decided to include photography as part of their services aside from videography, she explains that “that is what the customers ask of us, instead of separately going to two suppliers, and what the customers want, we provide.”

In view

Commercial and wedding photographer Menchit Ongpin of Le Studio cites more specific steps in scouting for photographers, such as “being comfortable with your photographer can make your pictures come out more naturally because the photographer would know how to elicit the proper emotions, poses and expression.” The clients get comfortable enough to invite her or photographers from the studio to stay on for the duration of the entire wedding and reception, even way after the work has been done, as guests. Dependability is also an important key, with Le Studio photographers making sure that should any mishaps happen to the film in terms of developing or delivery, they have alternatives or back ups to fall back on.

Her studio requires couples to come in for a trial shoot so that the clients could practice their poses, implement changes, making the final outcome nearer to perfection. The studio also requires couples to have both formal and candid shots to balance out the different sides to the wedding. And when asked if she prefers black and white pictures to colored ones, she says that both have their advantages, “but black and white bring out the dramatic effect with the play of light and shadows thus coming out with a more powerful statement.” She continues, “while the colored ones bring out the different hues of the occasion.”

A different form

Neophyte Jason Magbanua explains his foray in video and editing as an accident, doing sporadic filming for friends when he found time away from teaching in Lucena City. His “formal entry” came when he was about to shoot a Manila wedding and his analog camera broke down, prompting him to gather enough money from shooting weddings to buy a sleek Canon GL1. He credits getting clients, aside from the quality of his work, by word of mouth, stemming from his name appearing in the Internet. The snowball effect came when, in order to purchase a computer for editing, he ended up doing more weddings.

To him, an important consideration to the audio-visual presentation is the venue. He cites as two of his favorites are the Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes and San Agustin because of their colors and lighting. He helpfully says that “yellow light is flattering while white light gives a flat effect to the skin. Outdoor weddings are better in the morning to make use of the natural light.”

Criteria to look out for when deciding on a videographer is “he/she must have at least a digital camera, not because of the mentality of joining the bandwagon or competition of equipment, but it at least ensures you of good footages.” He continues with, ” creativity would be the next, being generic and having a factory-like business is not admirable, and the last, on the business side, you should get someone who does not charge an arm and a leg.” These three things are some of the considerations that the couple has to take into account to ensure that the outcome is of quality.

In the end

The decision of having either photos or videos or both for your wedding is entirely up to both of you but bear in mind that the qualities your future photographer or videographer must have are the things mentioned by our three resource persons. Qualities that are sure to be of help to you in making the memories of your wedding picture perfect.