How to Have Epic Wedding Videos


Apart from photos, videos are also important in any wedding. They are so powerful that they can bring you back to your big day even after so many years. However, not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. Some people just feel shy to be included in videos so instead of simply being who they are, they tend to look away and just feel awkward. As a result, videos are awkward, too.

Don’t worry, though, as you can still do something to have epic wedding videos. Here they are:

1. Tell your guests in advance.

Camera shy people get even shyer when surprised. To avoid making them feel less comfortable, let them know about the videos in advance. You may also tell them that it is for documentation purposes only because, you know, years after your wedding the only tangible things that will be left are the photos, videos, and the wedding ring.

2. Be the mastermind!

Are your guests too rigid and formal? Why not initiate the fun? Be informal; be crazy! This way, your guests will be more comfortable. They will also get the assurance that yes, it is okay to loosen up sometimes!

3. Go for candid footages.

Just because your guests know about the videos doesn’t mean you need to stage everything. That will make them feel more awkward, actually. Instead, just let them act normally. Do not put them under the spotlight or direct them to strike a pose. That will make them really shy!

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