Preserving Your Photos


Years after your wedding, your photos are the most likely keepsake from that day that you could still show to your grandchildren. After grinning and preening for the camera, make sure the resulting photos are stored properly in mint condition for your apos in the years to come.

Digital Memory
Should your photographer be using a digital camera, then your photos will be stored in compact disks or your computer’s hard drive. Emil Buencamino of Emil Buencamino Photography advises couples to “burn” or make multiple copies of your wedding photo CDs in case the CDs get damaged or your computer crashes. Photo CDs are also a convenient keepsake for friends and relatives who were not able to attend the wedding.

Albums As a child, you used to pull out your parents’ huge and bulky wedding album from their aparador and leaf through it from time to time. You wish to relay the same experience to your children and opt to store your photos in a photo album.

The white bulky albums of yore are nowhere to be found. Now, your album could be covered in leather or in wood with cream or black pages. Geronimo Villongco of Geronimo Photographico advises couples to keep their photos in a dry place away from sunlight. You could also store them in the box and be sure to keep them out of reach from small children. Photography experts also advise couples to use albums with acid-free paper and adhesives. You could ask your photographer if he could print your photos in acid-free paper. These could cost you more, but the photos will last longer without the acid eating them away while in storage.

Unique Idea
Buencamino presents a new idea in displaying and storing your wedding photos. The digital wedding coffee table book eliminates the bulky and heavy look of the traditional wedding album. Wedding moments are captured with a digital camera and printed using the latest photographic digital printing technology. Such book allows the couple to display their photos in an easy to handle book having the capability of showing wide or panoramic shots and capturing several shots in a page. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Let these words frozen in print or pixels transcend time by properly preserving your wedding photos.