Top 3 Wedding Photography Mistakes


Your wedding happens only once. Whatever you miss to document on this day, you’ll miss forever. This means that you need to make sure someone’s going to take your photos on your wedding day.

Yet, before you finally choose a photographer, learn about the top 3 wedding photography mistakes you should avoid:

1. Not hiring a pro

You simply cannot ask someone to hold a camera and take your wedding pictures. Instead, you have to hire a team of professional photographers to ensure each special moment on your wedding day is captured the right way. Apart from having the right skills and experience, professional photographers also have the right equipment, so you can expect better pictures.

2. Not briefing the guests

Weddings are emotional. Your guests are emotional, too, and that’s not a bad thing at all. However, you still need to brief them about the things that are about to happen, so they’d know what to do even when being carried away by their emotions. This way, they won’t look lost and confused with photographs.

3. Not creating a list of “don’t takes”

Lots of things happen in a wedding. Sometimes, embarrassing stuff take place, too. If you do not want photographers to capture things as such, let them know. This way, they can focus more on the things you would love to see.

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