Al and Lovely’s Prenup Pictorial in Caramoan


Many couples look forward to their prenup pictorial, simply because it allows them to tell the world about their amazing story. It is also a way to show their chemistry, as well as their unique personalities as individuals brought together by destiny.

No wonder, these soon-to-weds also take planning them seriously. They pick a nice theme that is close to their heart. Others also choose a nice location where they will strike poses to be captured and immortalized by their photographer of choice.

One great example of the latter would be Al and Lovely’s amazing prenup pictorial in Caramoan, Camarines Sur. Taken by iLaWoD Digital Studio, their pre-wedding shots are such a delight to see, especially for those who love going to the beach.

Here are some of their photos:

Just by looking at these shots, we can already tell that the couple really had fun throughout their pre-wedding pictorial. The resulting shots are simply amazing. Kudos to iLaWoD Digital Studio, too!

(All photos courtesy of iLaWoD Digital Studio)