Catering Mistakes Many Couples Commit

bizu catering studio indian inspired wedding
Still wondering how to ensure the success of your wedding celebration? Avoid these common catering mistakes! (Photo from Bizu Catering Studio)

It’s easy to be carried away by emotions while planning a wedding. As your big day approaches, you are sure to feel a lot of things, sometimes even making you forget some essentials. Among these important things have to do with catering.

To enlighten you, here are some of the catering mistakes many couples commit:

bizu catering studio indian inspired wedding
Your personal taste may be great, but don’t forget to take your guests’ preferences into consideration as well. (Photo from Bizu Catering Studio)
Building your menu based ONLY on your personal preferences

Sure, you are the star of your own wedding. However, when it comes to food, you might want to consider your guests’ preferences as well. So why not think about the kind of dishes that they would actually want to devour? Keep in mind that they should enjoy throughout the banquet, too.

bizu catering studio indian inspired wedding
Instead of sticking to dishes usually served during wedding banquets, try different cuisines. This Indian inspired wedding, for instance, plays with different flavors and takes guests to a unique gastronomic journey. (Photo from Bizu Catering Studio)
Going for an overly generic menu

While it’s definitely safer to go for the usual picks, it still pays to be a bit more adventurous when deciding on what to serve during your wedding banquet. This will allow you to set your wedding apart from the rest and somehow add a bit of character to your celebration.

bizu catering studio indian inspired wedding
Shrimp is definitely a good choice. However, don’t forget to choose dishes that can still be eaten by guests who may be allergic to seafood. (Photo from Bizu Catering Studio)
Forgetting about food restrictions

Do you think you already know all your guests and what they do and don’t eat? Think again. Your closest friends might have food restrictions that you may not know of, so it’s best to ask them before your big day. This way, you can make arrangements with your caterer of choice and ensure these guests would still be fed without any trouble.

Make wise decisions then let great food do the rest. Happy planning!

(Photo from Bizu Catering Studio)