Chesca Garcia Shares Video of Surprise Renewal of Vows with Doug Kramer

chesca doug renewal of vows
Chesca surprised her husband Doug with a renewal of vows earlier this month. (Photo by Pat Dy)

For years, we have been charmed by Team Kramer. We eagerly followed their videos from the time Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer got married to the magical moments they spent with their lovely kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

Then, just recently, this amazing family has once again wowed us with a renewal of vows. Of course, it’s worth noting that the said occasion came with a twist. It was, well, a surprise!

Doug wanted to surprise Chesca for their 10th wedding anniversary. Little did he know, his wife had actually  been planning something grander for him. What he thought to be a simple dinner turned into an occasion he would never forget.

Chesca shared a video containing some of the most important moments from that day. The said video was created by Treehouse Story.

Indeed, Team Kramer has never failed to wow us. We are definitely looking forward to more of their priceless moments together.

Congratulations for the awesome 10 years, Chesca and Doug!