Love Conquers All


April and Jofferd Carinan Wedding
By Mina Deocareza | April 2015

Love is known to transcend time and space continuum. No matter how far you are from the one you love, no matter how long you don’t see each other, love will still prevail. They may be some problems along the way, but when your love is strong enough, you will eventually conquer the challenges.

The love story of April and Jofferd Carinan is living testament to this. The two were classmates back in high school. April was 14 while Jofferd was 15. At first, they thought it was just some kind of puppy love. Little did they know, they would tie the knot after 14 years.

There were lots of challenges in the process, though. Although they are both part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, they were assigned to different locations. April was sent to Aparri, Cagayan. Jofferd, on the other hand, stayed on the Philippine Navy Ship. Because of the distance and the demands of their careers, they were not able to see each other often.

In fact, from July to October in 2010, the two stopped communicating with each other. April refused to call or even text Jofferd, thinking that she could no longer take their setup. It was too difficult for them to make time, so April thought of giving up.

But one day, Jofferd just called her, asking her to have dinner at a local fast food restaurant in Appari. April was surprised. She did not have any idea about how he was able to go there.

Upon seeing him, April realized how much she loved him and that she could not live a life without him. They talked over dinner and were able to make things right. After the dinner, Jofferd decided to just spend the night at a local hotel.

April was surprised because Jofferd asked her to eat again. It was the start of everything. Jofferd suddenly started apologizing for his shortcomings. He also made a speech about so many things and then proposed.

Later on, they decided to have a military wedding. Jofferd chose the color mint green for their motif because the color was refreshing to the eyes. They also added black to make it more elegant.

Wedding preparations weren’t that easy for the couple, especially Jofferd could not leave the ship where he was assigned. They had to phone each other often to talk about the preparations. April also consulted Jofferd with every decision she had to make.

Apart from encountering challenges involving distance, they also had to postpone the wedding. They rescreduled it from October 2014 to February 2015. They had to talk to the suppliers individually regarding the changes. They even had a hard time finding a date, since most February weekends were already fully booked.

Yet in the end, they were able to have a wonderful wedding at San Antonio ng Padua in Silang, Cavite. Reception followed at the Villa Ibarra Tagaytay. The event was flawless, no wonder many guests praised her and even said that they had a really good wedding coordinator. The couple was happy, of course.

Since the beginning, they had already felt lucky for hiring Memento Events Management Services. They learned about the company through the Internet. They chose Memento Events Management Services because it did not require additional charges for out of town weddings. After the wedding, they were more grateful to the team. Apart from letting them save cash, Memento Events Management Services was also able to turn their dream wedding into reality.

Apart from the flawless event, guests also loved the choir that sang during the wedding (Himig Awit). Everyone also loved the photos taken by Nice Print Photography. The team of photographers was able to capture the important moments during the wedding, including the couple’s first kiss. It was considered extra special because instead of kissing April immediately on the lips, Jofferd kissed her on her forehead, cheeks, and chin, first. Everyone was touched by this moment.

When asked about the tips she could give soon-to-weds, April said, “If you want to have your dreem wedding to be unforgettable, have time to plan and think what kind of wedding you really want.”