TRENDING: Moira Dela Torre’s Unique Engagement Announcement

moira dela torre engagement
Singer Moira dela Torre is now engaged! She broke the news about it through the music video of her single "Tagpuan". (Photo from Moira dela Torre's IG account - @moirarachelle)

We have always loved Moira Dela Torre for bringing us “feels” through her songs. Then, recently, she has taken the game a notch higher by announcing her engagement through the music video of her single “Tagpuan”.

At first, the music video seems like a normal one. It begins with Moira remembering heartbreaking moments in her life, starting from her childhood. It then transitions to the time when Jason Hernandez finally came into her life.

What comes next is the ultimate source of “kilig” for many–Jason’s proposal to Moira. Overlooking a beautiful sunset, Jason asks her to marry him and she says yes!

The said music video has since inspired many people to never quit believing in love, especially those from broken families. In fact, Moira gives them a precious piece of advice, as she herself comes from a broken home.

“Just because your past is broken, doesn’t mean your present & future will be, too. There is so much hope. So much hope,” she reminds them in a tweet.

Congratulations, Moira and Jason! We wish you all the best in life!