Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Food Tasting Events of...

Wedding websites and magazines do a great job by helping soon-to-weds gain ample information that will help them as they plan their very own weddings. These materials even provide amazing images that allow brides and grooms-to-be to imagine how they would want their celebration to be, hence helping them as they come up with major plans and decisions.

Make Your Garden Wedding Special with Gazebo Royale

By Christian Alomodi | July 2014 Engaged couples that want to hold their wedding at a unique location without having to leave city should thank...

Stay within You Budget at City Garden Hotel Manila

A lot of people believe that in order to have a lovely wedding, one has to shell out a huge amount of cash. What they don’t know is that it’s not always the case. As long as you know the right wedding suppliers, you are actually good to go. You can turn your dream wedding into reality without having to break the bank.

HG Studio: The Only One You Need to Make Your Dream...

Getting married but still clueless on how to turn your dream bridal look into reality? Fret not, for HG Studio is here to help...

On Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer: Tips from Smart Shot Studio

It is inevitable that greater responsibilities such as family and career can make you forget what a magical time your wedding was. Hiring a professional wedding photographer and videographer can preserve the precious moments you and your spouse shared on your wedding day. It will also immortalize the candid happenings that made your wedding unforgettable.

City Garden Suites: Getting the Best Out of Wedding Tastings

A typical Filipino wedding banquet is always a feast. It is like a cultural tradition. This makes our weddings not just occasions to celebrate milestones, but opportunities to showcase our delicious cuisine as well.

Get the Right Amount of with Exposure Photo & Video

We have already heard a lot of stories about not so good wedding photos and videos. What’s really sad about them is that instead of giving couples the confidence to showcase them to their friends and relatives, these substandard outputs make them shy so they end up no really flaunting them...

Every Dish is a Masterpiece with Chef Patrick’s Kitchen

No matter how amazing your wedding is, it won’t be complete without good food. That’s because we Pinoys like to eat and we like to eat only delicious food during special occasion. There should also be a variety among the dishes, as much as possible, so everyone could have fun throughout the feast.

Make Your Pampanga Wedding More Memorable With Widus Hotel and Casino

Pampanga weddings are always colorful. With the talent and creativity of Kapampangans, it no longer comes as a surprise that there are no dull moments in Pampanga weddings. Yet if you want to make it even more colorful and more memorable, choose a venue like Widus Hotel and Casino. Known for its elegant and beautiful weddings, Widus Hotel and Casino is never fails to wow couples and guests alike.

Hizon’s Catering: Proven and Tested When It Comes to Food Service...

Food is a crucial aspect of any event, especially weddings. No matter how amazing your venue is or no matter how pretty you look, having a successful wedding is just impossible if your guests are starving or are simply not satisfied with the food. That’s because as Filipinos, we love to eat. We love to indulge in well-prepared dishes not only during special occasions but also on normal days.

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