Marj & Tats: A Punta Fuego Wedding

Church facade, Punta Fuego

By Maraya Bien

Most people would never even dare think of having a blind date. Who knows who your near-sighted friend will set you up with, right? That person could have absolutely no sense of humor, no two front teeth, three eyes, or worse, he or she could be one of those sickos whose picture you just saw on the “Most Wanted” list at the police precinct.

But when a couple of friends set her up on a blind date, Marj decided to take the risk since her friends, who were a couple too, promised that they’d be on the date with her. If after arriving at the restaurant she finds out that she was set-up with one of the Ninja Turtles, then at least she’d be able to kick her friends under the table all night.

Luckily for Marj, her friends aren’t near sighted and she and the guy, Tats, hit it off almost immediately.

Since they were both coming out of a failed relationship, Marj and Tats both decided to take things slow and start out as friends first. But God apparently had a different plan for them because six months after they first met, the two were already a couple. And a year or so later, the two were already starting life as Mr. and Mrs. Tats Dayrit.

Lady luck must have looked favorably upon Marj and Tats because everything just seemed to fall into place during her wedding preparations.

The Perfect Venue

She has always wanted to be married by the beach, and as luck would have it, she works as the PR manager of one of the country’s most beautiful and exclusive residential resort: Punta Fuego.

With its numerous beautiful, private white-sand beaches, Punta Fuego was the perfect place for her dream beach wedding. The breathtakingly magnificent bluish green hue of the South China Sea served as a beautiful backdrop for the couple’s celebration. The tiki torches, locally grown calachuchi flowers and seashells the folks from Punta Fuego added were the perfect finishing touches according to Marj, as they completed the casual and intimate ambience she and Tats wanted for their special day.

Two days before the wedding, Marj realized that she and her gown designer had two different ideas as to how her wedding gown should look like. And just as all hell was about to break loose, Marj was, luckily enough, able to find a wedding gown in the designer’s stock that was even more beautiful than what she had initially wanted.

Been There, Done That

Marj was lucky to have avoided a major disaster, but not everyone can be as blessed as her. Marj advises the brides to work “closely with your designer and allot ample time for production.”

When it came to the other details of her wedding preparation, Marj, fortunately, didn’t have to agonize much. The management and staff of Club Punta Fuego took care of everything save for the wedding gown and the photographer. And since she has first hand knowledge of how efficient, reliable and thorough the people at Punta Fuego are, Marj had no qualms about letting them deal with the nitty-gritty of her wedding preparations.

And take care they did. The Punta Fuego people did such a great job that everyone of the 60 or so people they had as guests sent them text messages saying how great everything was almost immediately after the reception. But you know what’s truly remarkable?

Marj and Tats, with the help of the amazing people of Punta Fuego, were able to have their perfect beach wedding with just a month of preparation!

Hmmm… Is it just me, or does Lady Luck seem to have a favorite?