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Catering Mistakes Many Couples Commit

It's easy to be carried away by emotions while planning a wedding. As your big day approaches, you are sure to feel a lot...

Why It Is Good to Choose Bizu Catering Studio

Good food is one of the many requirements of a successful and memorable wedding. After all, in any Filipino celebration, food is a superstar. The thing is, we Filipinos love to explore, too. Apart from having so much faith in our very own signature dishes, we are also open to the ones from all over the world—just like French cuisine. Of course, when we talk about it, we never forget about pastries. It’s like true love for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

Hizon’s Catering: Setting the Bar High in the Wedding Catering Business

When it comes to weddings, “okay” is not enough. Instead, everything should be great. It is for this reason that you should be very particular in deciding which wedding suppliers to work on your special day. And since food plays a huge role in any celebration in the Philippines, you have to be even more picky when choosing your caterer. You have to select one that’s been trusted for many years and can ensure your guests would have an amazing dining experience during your wedding reception.
sitio elena floral studded wedding

LOOK: A Floral-Studded Wedding Celebration

Like true love, flowers also bloom at the right time. And when they do, they are powerful enough to take our worries away. With...

3 Things to Love About Gazebo Royale

Venue is one of the things you should think about if you are getting married. On it depends other aspects of the wedding, including...

Hizon’s Catering Win-A-Wedding Promo

Hizon's Catering knows that sometimes, the only thing getting in the way of you and your dream wedding is your budget. Elaborate well-thought of weddings don't come cheap and often soon-to-wed couples have to carefully spread out their budget to make their dream wedding a reality.

Making Dream Weddings Even More Possible

By Mina Deocareza | January 2016 To some, turning their dream weddings into reality is nothing but a distant dream. Sure, budget is big deal....

May 2014 – City Garden Suites: Getting the Best Out of...

Among the hotels in Manila, not all of them are an assurance that you will be receiving world standard treatment and accommodations. Those with amazing reputations on the other hand, cost more than you can afford.

The Lucky Winner: Hizon’s Catering Win-A Wedding Promo 5th Edition

Hizon's Catering does not stop in its mission to make dream weddings come true. Another lucky winner of Hizon's Catering Win-A-Wedding Promo will finally have the dream wedding they deserve.

Bizu Catering Studio: Great Food for Great Celebrations

Food has the magic of making any event even more wonderful. This is why people behind Bizu Catering Studio has been committed to providing excellent food for any event it is working on. So if you are getting married and doesn’t have a caterer yet, this one would be perfect for you.

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