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Effortlessly Beautiful Prenup at Studio Namu

Back in the day, only celebrities, models and high profile personalities had the chance to pose for photo shoots. But with today's innovations in the wedding photography industry, soon-to-wed couples are given the same celebrity treatment through prenuptial shoots and wedding coverage.
meghan butler pup themed wedding photo

Look at these Puppy-Themed Wedding Photos!

Are you an animal lover? If you are, you'll definitely love the wedding photos of this bride from North Carolina. In the said wedding photos...

Wedding Photographer Lito Genilo in Action

Mr. Lito Genilo, owner of Smart Shot Studio, has been in the industry for years now. Throughout his career as a professional photographer, he has already been behind countless successful productions and coverages. He has also won several awards, both locally and internationally. But what makes him even more impressive is the fact that despite all his achievements, he remains humble. His passion and dedication have never wavered, either. In fact, he strives to be even better at what he does each day. He never ceases to learn new things, which he could use in every project.

Hang All Memories Digital Production: Telling the story of your best...

Wedding photos and videos are sacred. They don’t simply ensure your big day is properly documented. Instead, they tell the story of that magical occasion, peppered with details of your very own love story. This is why you should really invest in them if you are already getting married. You need to hire a team of professional wedding photographers and filmmakers like Hang All Memories Digital Production. This group is known for their unique approach at wedding photography and filmmaking, thus telling the story of couples’ best moments in hip cinematic reels and stills.
smart shot studio motion picture

Introducing: Smart Shot Studio’s Motion Picture

Smart Shot Studio is pleased to introduce its newest service--the Smart Shot Studio's Motion Picture. It is the studio's take on moving photos, which are basically...
prenup shoot studio namu

Prenup Shoot Checklist

Prenup pictorials are always special. There is something amazing in them that excites not only couples but also the photographers and other suppliers working...

Exposure Photo & Video: Capturing the Beauty of Weddings, One Shot...

Weddings are definitely among the loveliest things there are on Earth. They may come in different sizes and vary in terms of theme but the fact that they mark the union of people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives is already enough to make them wonderful.

Make Every Moment Count at Studio Namu!

Are you getting married soon? If you are, you better break the news in style. Go ahead and set a prenup shoot, so you can achieve your dream prenup photos. These images are great to be shared online, particularly on your social media pages, as you tell everyone about your big move. And if you are looking for a group of professional photographers who can help you, look no further and visit Studio Namu.

Defining Visayas Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography is more than just taking pictures. It is not about just having the newest DSLR and photo ops.
hang all memories wedding photo

Avoiding Awkwardness While Shooting Your Wedding Film

Wedding films are big these days. Apart from posting nice prenup photos, soon-to-weds are now fond of sharing their own wedding and films and...

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