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Please Don’t Ask Your Makeup Artist to Do These Things

Makeup artists are definitely brides' heroes. Equipped with ample amount of knowledge and superb makeup application skills, they help bring out the best in...

Celebrity Engagement Rings with the Most Bling

Celebrities’ engagement rings are among the things people look forward to. Apart from their amazing designs and materials, we also want to know the...
cj jimenez makeup

Skin Care and Makeup Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Some people believe that since you live only once, you have to make the most in every moment. Sure, deciding to do things on...
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How to Take Care of Your Wedding Ring

Marriage involves a lot of responsibilities, ranging from small to big ones. Apart from continuously making things work with the person you are choosing...

Things to Consider when Thinking about Your Bridal Look

By Mina Deocareza | January 2016 For sure, you are very excited to finally decide on your bridal look. After all, it will largely define...

House of Zeal: No Heavy Makeup, Just a More Polished You

Makeup disasters are no longer new to us. In fact, we have already seen results of these mishaps and we know so well how they can ruin an occasion for someone. Because of this, it pays to be very careful when choosing a makeup studio to work on your look on your wedding day. You have to choose one whose makeup artists have a clear understanding of how makeup works as well as the principles behind it.

Beauty by Ria: Your Trusted Bridal Makeup Artist

It is easy to commit mistakes on your wedding day. In fact, just one poor decision could lead to a disaster. To avoid such, make the right choices early on.

CJ Jimenez: A Makeup Artist Who Truly Understands

Weddings can be demanding. That is true, especially in the case of bridal attire and makeup. Your overall bridal look should be really special. It should not have to be the same as your usual look, otherwise your big day is going to be just like any other day.
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Do-It-Yourself Bridal Makeup May Not Be for You

Anything do-it-yourself or DIY has been a great hit these days, especially in weddings. In fact, a lot of artsy brides now like to incorporate...
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Do you need a makeup artist?

In this world where almost everyone wants to go DIY on everything, including wedding preparations, how do you figure out whether to hire an...

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